2024.07.08 - Been a while but, there're new stickers!

2024.07.07 - More new art in the Artfight gallery.

2024.07.05 - There's a whole new category in the gallery for my 2024 Artfight drawings! Check it out! I also did some code cleaning in the gallery, but nothing major. Still have to upload a lot of art, but I need to buy a subscription for that to happen, lol...

2024.07.02 - A new pixel drawing at the gallery.

2024.06.29 - Another one.

2024.06.25 - Yet another new drawing.

2024.06.20 - I made a little icon for my ArtFight account. You can check it out, and holler at me if you have an account too!

2024.06.16 - Finally, most of my OCs now have full bios! Just missing one. Check the right hand side bar icons!

2024.06.14 - I dunno how else to write that there's new art in the gallery. Oh! But also, some OCs now FINALLY have their info written down! Please check them out on the right side~

2024.06.06 - NEW ART.

2024.06.01 - New art.

2024.05.27 - AND YET ANOTHER new drawing.

2024.05.24 - Yet another new drawing.

2024.05.21 - ONE MORE DRAWING!

2024.05.11 - MORE DRAWINGS! Oh, and more new stickers.

2024.05.08 - Another new drawing in the gallery!

2024.05.07 - New drawing in the gallery!

2024.04.12 - New stickers! I also rearranged the sticker page and deleted some not very aesthetic ones.

2024.04.07 - I've created a new page for Gift Art I've received, you can see it in the gallery. Not much on there yet, I need to buy a sub for Neocities so I can host more pictures. Also, of course there's new stickers to see.

2024.04.04 - There's one new drawing in the 2024 galleryand not much else. I've been working on my other website, hehe.

2024.03.20 - I finally updated one of my OC's profile page, and there's also a new drawing in the 2024 gallery. Today is also my b-day!

2024.03.16 - At the request of a friend, I have made a page for other people's OCs, whose creation I helped. It's here.

2024.03.12 - The 2019 gallery is now up! Also, my partner's OC, Carries, now has an icon on the sidebar (though I haven't filled in the OC's info yet...)

2024.03.10 - The 2020 gallery is now finished! I've also finished uploading all the art (boy, I'll need to buy some space soon), and will continue to work through the remaining galleries as soon as possible.

2024.03.06 - Another new drawing in the 2024 gallery.

2024.03.03 - A new drawing in the 2024 gallery, and of course, one more sticker sheet.

2024.02.24 - Finally added descriptions on the 2023 gallery.

2024.02.18 - New art in the 2024 gallery. I also cleaned up some stuff, unimportant.

2024.02.17 - MOAR STICKERS.

2024.01.23 - Yes, it's more stickers.

2024.01.08 - Happy New Year! Of course I have more new stickers, but I have also added all my 2023 drawings to the gallery. They still don't have descriptions, but I am hoping to add them later.

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