2023.08.29 - MORE STICKERS!
2023.08.17 - Just some more stickers from my collection.
2023.07.24 - This website isn't dead, it's just me. I'm dead. But I shall rise once more, one day. For now, enjoy some new stickers. And there's also a new link to a new Neocities neighbour.
2023.02.03 - Hello! Just a small update, I uploaded my new stickers to the sticker gallery. That's about it!
2023.01.24 - Happy Year of the Bunny! I've been working on the galleries! They're still not ready, but I hope they will be within a week~
2022.12.11 - I worked on a ton of pages! The links section is 90% done, and most other pages have been created and formatted. Just need to actually add... ya know... the content lol.
2022.11.24 - More stickers have been added as well as icons to some of my social media accounts. Hopefully more to come soon!
2022.11.12 - ALL the stickers I currently own have been uploaded to the website! Enjoy!
2022.11.06 - I have been hard at work adding all my stickers onto here! I dunno why I started there, but it is what it is. Enjoy!
2022.11.03 - Site launched! I have been having so much fun creating websites, I decided to create a more personal one. Empty for now, but soon to have lots of stuff (I hope!).

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Did you know that for the longest time, I thought John Freeman was an actual character in HL2...

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